Thursday, September 13, 2007

Personal response to the drama work shops

For me, the work shops were a very productive activity to break the ice as well as learn about different styles of theatre games and theatre instructors.

Personally, my favourite workshop - apart from my own of course :) - was the workshop that involved three volunteers to be in a scene that somebody has invented. The three act out the scene and then one is taken away and the other two are told a vital piece of informaton that involved the missing person. The result is some very funny improvisation.

I think the reason that this one is my favourite is because I enjoy comedy as well as improvisation. However, I think that for the missing person it is probably not very enjoyable since they are not sure what is going on and are the centre of a joke which they do not understand.

If you are one of the two, I think this is a good exercise in discovering comic styles of acting (unless you chose not to act out your scene in a comical way). It is also a good improvisation exercise because it forces the two people to do all the work themselves seeing as the missing person has nothing to work with except to react to your words/actions.


jmriley said...

That comedy thing is crucial I think, in building confidence in the people you're working with. If we can all laugh at ourselves and each other, we won't be afraid of making mistakes. And besides, theatre has to be entertaining to keep the audience focused. I have laughed very hard during your workshops and it produced tons of good endorphins wich make me feel good. Thankyou. Long live comedy!

Cosmo said...