Monday, September 3, 2007

Situations for Drama Work Shop

Situation 1:
A is ending their 3 year relationship with B.

Situation 2:
A had snuck out to go to a party and was discovered by Parent B whilst they were returning home. (C is second parent)

Situation 3:
Doctor A must explain to Family Member B that their sibling died on the operating table. (C is other Family Member)

Situation 4:
A must convince B not to jump off the top of the building without getting too close. (C is another convincer)

Situation 5:
A is confronted by B after B discovers that A has been sleeping with B's spouse. (C is spouse)

Situation 6:
A is explaining to B, after a 3 year relationship, that A is actually gay and is not really attracted to B anymore. (C is the gay partner who arrives to say hello)


Andrej said...

I like situation number 4. If you think its a good idea, then add a situation in which A and B express their feelings during a love scene...

jmriley said...

I'm reading . . . ! I'm with you. Thanks for the invite,